Reflecting on “When They See Us”…

korey wisePhoto CreditAtsushi Nishijima/Netflix


I just finished Ava Duvernay’s Netflix documentary, When They See Us and I have so many thoughts and emotions. Here are a few of my initial thoughts…

  1. I have seen several posts on social media shaming and labeling individuals as not “woke” if they choose not to watch. While I don’t necessarily agree with intentionally avoiding things that counter the perception that the world is all unicorns and roses, I do believe that we have a responsibility to our psyches to determine for ourselves when and how we engage with trauma. Do not allow anyone to pressure you into watching it before you are ready. Racial TRAUMA and its lasting effects are REAL.


  1. Ava Duvernay and the entire cast deserve ALL of the awards. All of them.


  1. It is sickening that a 16 year-old Black boy is considered a MAN while a 32 year old white man is considered a boy. Remember the Ryan Lochte case? I find it especially interesting that in a historical context, it was common for GROWN Black men to be called “boy” but in the criminal injustice system, somehow the opposite is true. I don’t have to wonder why because I know. Racism. That’s why.


  1. Dear White People, if you consider yourself one of the “good ones” but still can’t understand why we kneel, watch this documentary. I’m sure you pride yourself on never using the “N” word, you proudly tell your Black neighbors and colleagues that you voted for Obama, and you say you don’t see color. That last part is problematic but that is a conversation for another time. Although you would probably never verbalize it, at least not to anyone who is not White, despite your acknowledgement that racism exists, you still can’t fathom why Black people aren’t as patriotic as you believe they should be. After all, America is still such a great country and we should all sing “our” national anthem. *sigh* For the record, Black people do sing the national anthem…the Black National Anthem. Google it.


  1. For those of you who counter “Black lives matter” with “All lives matter”, I am convinced that you are INTENTIONALLY  choosing not to get it. INNOCENT Black lives have been sacrificed to save White lives since the beginning of time so White lives have ALWAYS mattered.


  1. Linda Fairstein and all other living co-conspirators should be PROSECUTED to the fullest extent of the law. Manufacturing a false case to fit your racist narrative should be a felony. Losing a job and/or book deal is not enough.

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