Black Women and Amy Coney Barrett

Black women know Amy Coney Barrett…and we know her well. Almost every Black woman in America has had to compete with an Amy Coney Barrett in the workplace. In the majority of those situations, those more qualified Black women “lost” to the Amy Coney Barretts of the world. In the worst cases, they (we) ended up having to report to her. 

This is the epitome of white privilege…and it is so deeply embedded into the fabric of this nation that we are not only watching it play out on the national stage, but we are rooting for it. 

Best option or not, when the more qualified Black woman is second on the ticket to an almost eighty-year-old White man, against a completely unqualified circus clown, it confirms for us what we already know—that in the land of supposed “opportunity for all”, time and time again, white mediocrity somehow manages to trump (no pun intended) Black excellence.

Yet and still, vote. Like your life depends on it. Because it does.

Biden Harris 2020. 7 more days.

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