Mindful Mocha Monday

crushed ice

If you have ever had a toothache then you know that they are the absolute worst thing ever. I have had menstrual cramps, a scratched cornea, and other very painful afflictions but I think a toothache tops them all.

Well, I woke up with one the other day. 😢

I am very vigilant about my oral health and go to the dentist regularly so I knew it couldn’t (or at least shouldn’t) be anything too serious. As I pondered the source of my pain, it didn’t take long for me to realize the reason for my unfortunate circumstance—chewing ice.

Due to uterine fibroids (see my previous post-A Fibroid Story), I have chronically low iron. I am inconsistent with taking iron pills (I know, I know) so I constantly crave and chew ice. I wake up with a cup of ice, go to bed with a cup of ice, and have a couple of cups in between. Beyond the fact that it is rude to chomp ice in front of people, one of the reasons I keep telling myself to stop is that I KNOW it is bad for my teeth. Nonetheless, I continue to do it anyway.

Often we think of things like this as “bad habits” that we need to break. I will take it a step further and say that when we continue to do things that we KNOW are harmful to ourselves, we are engaging in “self-destructive habits”. We all have them—eating too much, not practicing  self-care, choosing to say yes when we really mean no, accepting less than we deserve in relationships and friendships, etc.

As you think about yourself on this #MindfulMochaMonday, what self-destructive habits do you need to break?

Create a list and make a realistic plan for eliminating these behaviors.

I am going to do the same…as soon as I finish this last cup of ice. 😩😜

Happy Mindful Mocha Monday!

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